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  • Excessive Bad debt… Will hospitals continue to accept international patient? (Health Tourists - 2)

    by Dr. Asaad M. Riad 


    We have discussed in previous article about handling the International patient bad debt and we focused on ordinary tourists who came for a regular trip. Then they have faced an emergency situation and they discovered that they don't hold a valid travel policy OR their policy doesn't cover this specific situation.

    Now, we are discussing self-payers who plan, decide and choose a health tourism trip. This type of patient came after they have spent some time comparing different destination, offers, testimonials, itemized medical and non-medical packages. Then they make their decision.

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  • Excessive bad debt … Will hospitals continue to accept international patient?!! (1)

    When a medical provider is dealing with an international patient a liability of having a bad debt usually is one of the factors included in financial risk plans. However, once exceeded the safe margin the question re-appear: Do we really would like to continue?!!Everybody knows that the bill of treatment of international patient in many countries is more than the usual one for citizens specially in touristic areas where the investment is mainly for international clients and health tourism. Meanwhile, to provide and maintain a good medical service with certain quality is more expensive to provide it in the capital or main cities.

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